5 Reasons you should have registered a personal domain name by now
  1. Because someone else will
  2. The best email address
  3. Personal branding
  4. You can use it EVERYWHERE
  5. It's cheap!

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Why it's worth it to purchase your own domain name
  • You gain control of what people see when they search for you
  • You make it harder to find those photos of you passed out in a gutter
  • You prevent it being used against you

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Why everyone should register a domain name

"My students get extra credit if they can show they've registered an internet domain name for themselves. In any future course I teach, this will no longer be optional; it will be a requirement.

My students – and the rest of us – are partly who others say we are. That's a key reason why each of us needs to be one of the voices (preferably the most prominent) defining us. To the extent that they live public lives in any way – and like it or not, it's getting harder not to be public in some way – tomorrow's adults will need an online home that they control. They need an online home, a place where they tell the world who they are and what they've done, where they post their own work, or at least some of it."

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