Make your domain name as unique and memorable as you are!

Your Domain PickYour domain name not only captures your website’s purpose, but often functions as a first impression for visitors. It should also serve you for as long as you need an online presence, so choose wisely.

Is your brilliant domain name still available?

The settlement of cyberspace continues to surge unabated, using up English language domains in a hurry. Domain name registration was once as easy as It’s much less common for new domains to simply name the entities they represent with a “.com” after the brand name. If your first choice has already been registered, don’t worry! YourDomainPick can help you choose a name that works.

Start by brainstorming descriptive words and phrases that say something about your website’s purpose. If you’re going for a daycare, list words like: kids, caring, safety, fun, clean, convenient, playground, quality, and so on. Play around with combinations and word order to find just the right blend. You may not get your first choice, so come up with at least two that you like.

Make it precise, and if not, be careful. If you’re trying to go for a cute double entendre, go for it. Just don’t be like these “professional” entities who inadvertently came up with:

  • (actually a company that recycles old computers)
  • (is the iron in our diet too high?)
  • (just wearing one is bad enough)

Stay away from adding a hyphen, period or creative spelling of an already existing site. It’s confusing to try to find you at “”

No more are you limited to only .com, .org, .net, or .edu.” there are now hundreds of extensions. Click on “View domain options and prices” for a long list of what you can get through

If people are going to type your domain into a browser at any time, it would be wise to make that process as simple as possible. Avoid z’s or x’s or a string of numbers. Try typing your domain a few times to see if it can be done quickly and accurately.

Along those lines, make it simple and as short as possible so word of mouth can have it’s desired effect. “” is a LOT easier to recall and repeat than “” We remember meaningful words much better than unusual abbreviations and numbers. “Jane’s Athletic Shoes” could be shortened to “JanesAthShus” but the spelling change makes it hard to remember.

If you’re promoting your site through various media think about this: unless your business, church, school, club or team is already a giant whose brand has co-opted what used to be a regular simple word like “Apple” or “Amazon,” inventing a name like “Zillow” puts a burden on your domain name to bring in traffic that intends to be there. Coining words like “infinigo, multera or thexa” doesn’t tell you anything about what to expect upon clicking. “” tells me a lot more than “”

Many groups have used invented words in their promotion plans with great success, just realize that there’s an extra mental step you ask people to take when they see your domain name.

If you do use an acronym, make sure it’s logical and related to your purpose “JAShoes” is better than “JanAthSho”. Likewise “JAS” may be too short and too generic to be an effective domain name.

Whether you decide to make your domain name specific and to the point, or made up and quirky, try to craft one that is easy to remember, type, and talk about. can help you find the perfect address for your family, club, team, nonprofit, school, church, band, business- just about anything that needs a website.

A final thought: Check just in case you are too close a match to a pre-existing domain name. You don’t want lawyers sniffing around.

May you DOMINATE your domain name search!