Looking for a Domain Name Registrar that’s on your side? That’s Your Domain Pick! Here’s a simple orientation to the easy process of reserving your domain and extension from YourDomainPick.com.


Getting Started on Your Domain Name

Type in your desired domain ideas, like “polka.dance” (get it? “polka dot dance?”)

“Polka dot dance” at this writing is available, but it’s pricey- almost $2,000.

Some domains are in high demand and therefore expensive. if you remember from economics class, high demand with scarcity pushes price up. The strange thing about domains is that there’s a huge (but finite) number of letter-number combinations which would lead you to believe that an almost inexhaustible supply would keep prices down. Because of internet naming protocols, our affinity for the “.com” extension, and the limitations of human short term memory, it’s the pithy, snappy, memorable and specific domain names that people want.

how to get a domain name screenshotLet’s say you start a restaurant. You might be willing to pay extra for “Hotdogharry.com” because your alternative is “Hot_Dog_Harry123.com, a much less memorable or marketable moniker.

Some far-sighted persons have already reserved names like “spaceshipride.com” (not available) and “teleportation.com” (make an offer to the current owner). You’ll notice that if your type in “teleportation.com” a window appears that says, “Good news, this domain is available… it can be purchased directly from the owner.” if you click on the “Get it” button, a screen appears that enables you to send your contact information to the owner through the agency of Your Domain Pick so that privacy is preserved.

So- be ready with a few ideas in case your prime candidate is beyond your reach.

Polka.dance will cost more than I’m willing to pay. Let’s try a second choice.

How about “magicaldeathkitten.com?” I type it into the search window…

how to get a domain name screenshot2My Domain Name is Available!

Great! it’s available for $19.98 per year. As I scroll down, I can see a whole bunch of (in this case, 83) other possibilities, like “magicaldeathkitten.co”, or “magicaldeathkitten.org” or even “magicalfatalitykitten.com.”

I’m still going with my first idea. So I click the “Select” Button. Now I can either continue shopping for domain names, or head to my shopping cart. How to get a domain name? EASY!

Before taking me directly to my cart, there’s a very helpful screen that appears reminding me of all the other options I scanned in the pull down menus earlier.

Step One- Do I want to add some level of privacy to my domain? If the answer is yes, I simply click the down arrow on the right of the window where it says “No Thanks.” Now showing is the privacy add-on for $15.90 per domain. One very interesting little feature appears when you hover your cursor over the little question mark next to “What does my domain look like without Privacy Protection?” Take a look!

Scroll down to Step Two- do you want to add the Website Builder and / or Hosting? You can choose both or just hosting by itself. Hit the down arrows to see pricing and details.

Last- Step Three- Do you need a few Email addresses? Get ’em here for as low as $3.34 per month. Now we’re done with the extras and options.

The Shopping Cart

Clicking “Continue to cart” takes you to a full readout of your order plus all the possibilities you can now add or subtract. Decide you don’t need email? You can click “remove” and it’s gone. Or you can add the Website Builder if you decide that it’s a better deal than you thought!

how to get a domain name screenshot3The default term of registration is two years, but you can arrange to keep your domain for as long as ten years in one transaction.

Now the only thing left to do is get together with your friends and brainstorm. Or head for your thinking spot and dream up a few domain names. Who knows? You could be the next “Apple.com” or “neighborhood.farm” or “healthylife.builders.” With hundreds of new extensions set for approval in the next year or two, you could get out ahead of the pack with the perfect domain name for your corner of the internet!

Check out our other blog articles for more information on the different kinds of domains you might consider!

That’s how to get a domain name from Your Domain Pick.com! Happy searching! YOURDOMAINPICK.COM