Website Domain Names help you “Frame Your Talent”
Website Domain NamesWebsite domain names are great for a lot of things, but have you ever thought about them as “frames?” By acquiring your very own domain name, you can frame your talent! Set yourself apart from the crowd with a virtual frame that sets off your online presence like a diamond in a beautiful setting!

Picture frames have been around a long time. Go back to 2 AD and you would find Egyptian artists using a flat wooden surface for both the artwork and the frame. In the 12th and 13th centuries strips of wood were attached as protection for the painting and from there frames started their ascent to almost greatness.

Although they have always played second fiddle to the actual painting, there are some frames that have been valued far higher than what they contain. There is a vigorous trade in antique picture frames from the mid-20th century and earlier- just do an Ebay search on the phrase!

Website Domain NamesCarved wooden frames can be quite massive. Others, tiny. Eli Wilner and Co. have been making frames for the world of fine arts for a long time. According to Mr. Wilner, a frame is usually valued at about 10% of a painting’s value, sometimes amounting to upwards of $85,000. The Wilner company recently re-framed Emmanuel Leutz’s Washington Crossing the Delaware in a 14 by 21 foot, had carved gilded wooden frame that weighed 1400 pounds.

We have frames shaping our eyeglasses and supporting our homes. We’ve all heard the claim, “I’ve been framed!” as a reference to the possibility that an apparent wrongdoer was placed in a situation where the spotlight shone on him or her as perpetrator.

Consider the way we frame our ideas, inspirations and creations today. When people want to put something meaningful on display, they turn to the internet for a global showcase. Or they want to show off for just a few others- either way, it’s hard to beat website domain names for their framing abilities.

With your own website domain names, you are in control over so many things we take for granted. Security, content, amount of storage and especially the name of your domain is all yours. In a few easy steps you can carve your very own “frame” for your products, services, talents, hobbies, information sharing, conversations, photos- whatever you need!

To some, branding is just as important as content. If you are job hunting, you want the option to project the exact message you want. If you are engaged in e-commerce, you want all aspects of your website to be perfectly coordinated. Just think- if your message is exactly right and your frame isn’t, your visitors won’t stay very long.

We would love it if you had a place to stand and show the world your true brilliance! That’s why we are in the framing business; we get a kick out of seeing people shine. Whether you’ve got awesome grandchildren to show off or fine art to share with the world, Let Your Domain Pick provide you with a focal point!

You won’t be disappointed with the service you get from Your Domain Pick. For a low yearly subscription you can choose your own domain name (great for marketing!) and many useful options for storage space, security, hosting, email and website building tools.

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Website Domain Names
By the way, if you’re in the market for new sunglasses, try these on. A pair of Shiels shades with gold and diamond frames and actual emerald lenses will only set you back about $200,000. Not good enough? Dolce and Gabanna offers gold and diamond framed sunglasses for a mere $383,000. it gives a whole new meaning to “I left my sunglasses on the beach.”