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    The Gift for Someone who has Everything | Internet Domain Name

    What do you get for the person who has everything? This question has proven fertile ground for the crafty capitalists among us. Gary Dahl became an instant millionaire with nothing but a sketchy idea stemming from a conversation about the hassles of caring for cats, dogs, birds, fish at home. The ingenious Mr. Dahl asked […]

    Business Domain Names

    What do you need to publish a reliable and effective website? How about a one-stop solution that not only delivers stable, easy-to-use business domain names, but does it at value pricing? You want the best domain registrar you can get. Explore the multitude of options we offer so that you have the power to reach the […]

    Band Domain Names

    Every band or performer should have their own domain name! What is a domain name? It’s your very own reserved virtual space on the World Wide Web. It’s named by you and for you and your fans. A band domain name is essentially an address that people would read, memorize, type into a search or click on. […]

    Nonprofit Domain Names

    Nonprofits have a keen interest in keeping a high profile among their constituents. In addition to ads, literature, events, print media and so on, publicizing a website can be a major element in any strategy to get the word out. Owning the rights to a website with the organization’s name featured prominently is very important. […]

    Church Domain Names

    Your church is your community, your family, your closest friends- all in one. One great thing about your church is that new people are always joining! That means new people to know, befriend and serve. It also means that it’s imperative that your location on the internet is easy to find, easy to remember, and easy […]

    School Domain Names

    Schools do a LOT of communicating. Make it easier to get the word out by reserving your very own unique school domain name! It’s memorable, builds credibility and best of all it can be as private as you want. Your domain name gives you the exclusive right to use your URL and extension for all […]

    Team Domain Names

    You’re here because you know how important it is to give your team a unique, memorable space online! You can choose from the traditional extensions like .com, .org., or .net or try one of the newly ICANN approved ones. In late 2015, the “.team” domain will be released, so reserve  your gotta-have-it name now! YourDomainPick […]

    Club Domain Names

    Your little club is ready to take it to the next level. You’ve done some googling on promoting your group online and suffered from the firehose effect: too many options all at once. Marketing? PR? Social Media? Let’s back up a minute! Maybe you’ve started out with a subscription to a team or photo-sharing host […]

    Family Domain Names

    If your last name is Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown or Jones chances are almost zero that you can acquire a dot-com domain like “” In fact the current valuation for the domain is almost $200,000.00. However if your name happens to be “Ululubean,” as of this writing it’s still available for about 20 bucks. […]

    How to Dominate Your Domain Name Search

    Make your domain name as unique and memorable as you are! Your domain name not only captures your website’s purpose, but often functions as a first impression for visitors. It should also serve you for as long as you need an online presence, so choose wisely. Is your brilliant domain name still available? The settlement […]